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As in Russia, Christmas in Armenia is the great family holiday, which gathers at festive, richly laid table the whole family.In the whole world the patron of all lovers is the Saint Valentine, whose celebration is observed on February 14.As far back as in the end of XIX century with joining to Russian Empire, Armenia began to celebrate the beginning of calendar year with bright and funny holiday with traditional feast, gifts under decorated New-Year’s tree, salutes and petards.

In the morning, boys and girls gather in the church, where the celebratory liturgy takes place, and then go directly to celebrate.

Usually they gather in the big house, cook meals, jump over a bonfire, allegedly purifying from past mistakes and sins, dance and have fun.

This holiday is full of not only romance but also a set of wonderful customs, rituals and traditions. On the evening before the holiday the unmarried girls and single guys pray to the saint, asking for help in their love affairs, eat salty cakes to see in a dream of their betrothed. Sarkis with his beloved visit homes of all Armenians who left for him on the roof or on the verge the dish with milled roasted wheat.

And if in the morning the meal has the trace of the horse's hoof, the great success is expected in one’s personal life.

But Armenia has its own national patron of all loving hearts. He served as the commander at the court of Byzantine king Constantine and was one of the first Armenians, adopted the Christian religion.

According to the legend, Sarkis met the death of martyr, denying of apostasy.

And at midnight the sky is lit up with flashes of festive salute, which is arranged in all large cities of Armenia.

Armenians are the committed Christian people, which hold sacred all Christian rites and holidays.

And today, in peacetime the New Year’s Day is broadly celebrated on national basis.

Especially the capital city is transformed on these days.


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