Write A 2-3 Paragraph Essay About The Satellite

Write A 2-3 Paragraph Essay About The Satellite-51
Swooping low over areas of possible hostility, spies in the sky maintain surveillance that helps keep peace in a volatile world. They watch over the temperatures and voltages of the craft’s electronic nervous system and other vital ‘organs’, always critical with machines whose sunward side may be 300 degrees hotter than the shaded part.Once a satellite achieves orbit-that delicate condition in which the pull of earth’s gravity is matched by the outward fling of the crafts speed-subtle pressures make it go astray Solar flares make the satellite go out of orbit. Like strands of spider web, gravity fields of the earth, moon, and sun tug at the orbiting space farer.This is done sparingly, for exhaustion of these gases ends a craft’s useful career. When death is only a second away, controllers may command the craft to jump into a high orbit, so it will move up away from earth, keeping orbital paths from becoming too cluttered.

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The size, altitude and design of a satellite depend on its purpose. The largest artificial satellite is the International Space Station (ISS).

The main part of this is as big as a large five-bedroom house, but including solar panels, it is as large as a rugby field.

Many geologists had told ISRO that near Salem in Tamil Nadu there were "anorthosite" rocks that would be similar to features of moon soil or regolith.

The ISRO finalised to take the "anorthosite" rocks from Sithampoondi and Kunnamalai villages in Tamil Nadu for moon soil.

Through this mission, we aim to expand India's footprint in space, surpass international aspirations and inspire a future generation of scientists, engineers and explorers", ISRO said in a statement.

Made in India India's Central Tool Room and Training Centre (CTTC) has manufactured 22 types of valves for fuel injection and other parts for the cryogenic engine of the GSLV Mark III rocket.

Indian ingenuity ISRO wanted to test the rover, Pragyaan, on lunar soil-like substance so that the experiments on Moon go without a hitch.

The moon's surface is covered with craters, rocks and dust and its soil is of different texture.

Mission check The space mission will help us understand our natural satellite better, through complex topographical studies, and comprehensive mineralogical analysis.

These studies will be performed by the lander, 'Vikram', named after the space luminary, Dr Vikram A Sarabhai, who spearheaded India's nascent space programme.


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