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When I am reading, I can visualize the text in any way that I see fit. Although, it may benefit them to be knowledgeable in the speech that is being taught and spoken in the common country, everyone has their own cultural background and each has the right to be literate in the way that they desire.

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Literacy narrative essays are challenging to compose, and difficult to edit if you are not positive what you are trying to accomplish.

Some students struggle with the creation of literacy narrative essays because of various factors.

During adolescence, I began reading and writing through a fundamental learning program called, "Hooked on Phonics." This program consisted of long hours spent reading short novels and writing elementary phrases which were commonly taught in the second and third grade.

With the motto, "Improve your child's reading and writing skills in just four weeks! The method of this course specialized in the improvements of word acquisition rates as well as reading speed; however, it lacked in the area of teaching comprehension.

I’ve always been better at reading than writing even to this day. My mom says she intended it to be thirty but at the age of three, it’s hard to be focused on anything when you’d rather run around and play.

I do however remember always crying when my parents were too busy to read to me or vice versa.That must’ve been true for as long as I could remember I loved reading, especially that faintest memory in Miami.I remember all those years ago on that evening my mother made her Filipino adobo for dinner.” “Who came with us on that road trip to Myrtle Beach? ” I would be able to spit those answers out with ease: Baltimore, the Hobbs family, 311 Roxbury Ct.; so with such a strong memory, it’s natural that I would remember learning how to read.My mother tells me she would often read to me while I was in the womb.I clearly remember sitting on the bed, propped up against a tower of pillows and reading a worn out Curious George book with a peeling yellow cover.I was always an advanced reader, even at that young age, and encountered limited difficulty while reading the story.My mom would always have to yell at me asking if I was really reading because I often refused to read aloud. There are a ton of students who have difficulty creating narrative essays.At a young age, I was instilled with the dire need to be highly educated and although I was unable to experience a fun and adventurous childhood like many other children, I am grateful for being raised with a greater knowledge and wisdom than that ingrained in many. I have no obligation to read speedily in order to seem as though I have no complications with the words in the text.From my past experiences, I have grown to prefer reading over writing. In my opinion, people should be given the right to speak and read in any language that they wish.


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