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pages Bibliography 12 Write about a person who has had significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

My father would sometimes give me a small sponge so that i could help him wash the car and although the job I did was insignificant and most likely not done properly, i always got a sense of pride and satisfaction in my work.

The mowing of the lawn wassomething I was not allowed to help or even be near for my own safety.

Now asan adult I have a steady job and a tertiary education behind me.

I have never seen myself as a victim nor did i accept sympathy from anyone because all the good and bad experiences of my younger years have helped me become a successful and determined person.

TRhe support thati received and continue to receive from my family was also a major drive for me to want to succeed as well.

I think that everyone's life is always full of good and bad experiences.The key is to appreciate the good and find a way of turning a negative situation into a positive.For example, when my father was no longer around it could have been seen to be a negative situation.For instance, data from Harvard University, 2010, pointed out that drop-out rate from university courses is around 10 percent less in those children who chose the course after taking a “gap year” in comparison to those who headed straight to university after the high school.In addition to this, working for a year before starting university reduces the financial burden of higher education to an extent.For instance, a 2010 report from Florida University revealed that 1 in 100 students, who take “Gap-year” never go for advanced studies and struggle throughout their life to make the ends meet because of being unskilled.To conclude, the break of a year taken before pursuing university studies helps students to discover their career interest and also allows them to consolidate financially.Like all children, when I was growing up all I ever wanted to do was to be big.I always kept a close eye on my role models (my parents) and always tried to do anything they did.Some students find such breaks so relaxing and enjoyable that they decide to shun further studies permanently.Although the incidences of such cases are few, the effects can be disastrous for their further career.


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